The instructions for using a BlinkScan are extraordinarily simple:

- Press the Button -

Within  as little as 3 seconds, your image is instantly captured, cropped, straightened and cut-out in Hi-Res detail.

See how 47 coins are scanned and extracted into individual files ---->

Perfect Image Capture

Requires Perfect Color Replication

                      "Every Pixel sees every color"

The BlinkScan uses a proprietary image capture technology that gives you a higher color resolution than conventional scanners and cameras. 

Our technology uses a high-intensity Red-Green-Blue illumination system combined with a monochrome sensor that allows every pixel to see every color. This gives you the equivalent of a 40 megapixel image. Each light source is engineered to deliver the exact color and amount of exposure, providing an accurate image of each color pane. 

- and instantly crop, straighten and cut-out giving you an individual file for each. as little as 3 seconds!

The Team

Blink Technologies brings together an expert team, consisting of highly qualified individuals who between them have a great depth of strength, including (left to right): Don Skaggs, CEO, Steve McFadden, COO, Kathy Gornik, Marketing Specialist, Dr. Daniel Lau, Technical Advisor, Les Burton, Mechanical Design, and Dawn Cloyd, Marketing Specialist.  Additionally, Blink has developed several key partnerships with manufacturers that have the expertise and capabilities to produce our product and make them available to our customers.

The Markets

This type of device is disruptive to the companies in the
scanning business. It is maintenance free, scans any size object (up to letter size), fast and simple to operate, saves significant time, and file size (you only save the "perfect Image", not the background). This fits in many office environments including, Doctors offices (ID's and Insurance), Accountants (receipts), Pharmacy (prescriptions), County Clerks (titles, registration, ID's), Media Companies (add graph art, catalog items) and lots more! It also has a home for many individual users, digital scrap booking, archiving family photo's, stamp collectors, trading cards, Ebay sellers, yearbook designers, and more.

All of the Image,

None of the Background

  - Automatically scans, crops and de-skews (straightens), without any photo-editing software!

See how this intricate picture

frame is captured with all the background automatically removed -even inside the object! ------>

The BlinkScan is Super-Easy to Use and Super-Fast

The BlinkScan can take multiple images -

The BlinkScan has Perfect Color Replication

The BlinkScan has Perfect Image Extraction -

The BlinkScan produces High-Quality Images

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