Each BlinkScan is geometrically calibrated, allowing you to use your image to make accurate measurements.  This gives you the ability to now instantly share the geometry along with the image.

Geometric Precision to .003"

With a default scan at 300ppi, BlinkScan image quality exceeds the requirements for OCR and Classifications, with a typical capture and process time of less than 4 seconds.

From simple hand sketches - to digitized lines

Let your transparent images be.... Transparent

Digitize Your Physical World.  In a Blink.

BlinkScan can even remove the

background from a transparent object -

No other technology exists

that can do this --->

One of the really cool features of BlinkScan is our ability to automatically remove the background from an object.

No more spending countless hours with photo-editing software, meticulously cutting out unwanted backgrounds from irregular objects or complex patterns.

With BlinkScan you truly get all of the image, but none of the background.

Individual Items = Individual Digital Files

So many complex & time-consuming imaging tasks --

  - Now at the press of a button

It doesn't matter if it's a document, a number of old photographs, jewelry, keepsakes, memorabilia, merchandise, scientific specimens, museum artifacts,.....  whatever you can place on the imaging platform, the BlinkScan will capture and digitize each image in high-resolution and place it into it's own individual digital file.

Installing the BlinkScan is extraordinarily simple: just plug it into your network.  No software or drivers to install.  You will be able to access your BlinkScan on any device on your network, including cell phones, tablets, PC's, laptops, etc. 

Hand sketch your drawing on paper, then remove the paper background with BlinkScan.

All your lines are

instantly digitized

without the complex, time-comsuming,

photo editing software.

All of the Image, None of the Background

The power behind the scenes

Much more than just a unique scan/capture device, BlinkScan has it's own on-board quadcore computer with flash storage that can be expanded to up to 64G of high speed memory, and accessed by any device on your network.  This system is ready for any additional embedded solutions such as OCR or office automation. 

Embedded processor and storage

Automatically Straightens (Deskew)

Capture Depth of Focus


Network Ready: works on any device

No drivers to install

No more double-checking to make sure the object is perfectly straight.  Any object or document placed on the imaging platform is automatically extracted and straightened.

Line Scan Quality Images

BlinkScan has a significant depth of focus range when compared to a typical line-scanner.  This key feature allows the scanning of 3D objects such as manufactured parts, giving you the ability to even read the part number and know the correct size.